Jenny Wren comes together…

Now that I have all the elements of the Etui completed I can start to put my little Wren together.


As part of the kit you are sent a preformed bird shape with bronze beak and legs. Onto this 3d shape you stick the embroidered tale and then the whole bird is covered in felt. A little thimble liner is sewn together and stuck into a preformed hole (this is being held in place by my pink thimble!).


All the elements are then pinned and sewn onto the birds body. I really enjoyed this part as the little Wren began to develop a character of it’s own!

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Finally the wings were secured to the body and the bronze legs stuck in place. Et voila, here is the finished little Wren. I am not sure (now it is complete) that it is a Jenny Wren,  I rather fancy my Wren is more of a Lenny!

I would recommend this little kit by Jenny Adin-Christie to anyone, it has been challenging in places but great fun to stitch, with so many different techniques covered.

DSC_0311 (2)

Now all I need to complete is the mossy hillock that the little Wren will stand on.

Happy stitching everyone!

About wybrow1966

My name is Deborah, and my earliest recollection of being creative is learning how to smock at primary school. We had a wonderful, white-haired lady who came in once a week to teach the 'girls' how to sew. I am not sure what the boys got up to during this time - but I never once felt as though I was missing out on anything. Now, as a primary teacher, I often give up evenings to teach enthusiastic children how to embroider. I am now just about to embarked into the world of blogging. Who knows if anyone will be interested, or if I can even keep it up. But here goes....
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18 Responses to Jenny Wren comes together…

  1. Françoise says:

    So pretty, but where find the kit, it is not in her website , perhaps it is no more available ?

    • wybrow1966 says:

      Hi Francoise, if you e-mail Jenny and ask her for the Wren Etui kit she will get it specially made up – it does take a little time for her to get all the elements together as many of them are handmade. I think I had to wait 4 months from the time of ordering. Hope this helps – thanks for dropping by.

  2. Dima says:

    He’s adorable!

  3. craftycreeky says:

    He is gorgeous, beautiful embroidery!

  4. kathyreeves says:

    That is just WOW!!❤️❤️

  5. claire93 says:

    welcome to Lenny who looks just perfect!

  6. Kim says:

    Absolutely adorable 😃

  7. rosejasm says:

    Whoa! That is amazing – I love him!

  8. Catherine says:

    He’s so cute! Well done on finishing him. He or she is a lovely bird!

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