Facing up to it!

Aaahh! This is really all I can say following a day at the RNS and much reverse stitching. I was so pleased with myself and beginning to envisage an end to my canvas work – I should have know better. Here is my piece before I went to Hampton Court.


As it was a Tuesday I had two different tutors who instantly picked up a problem with the stitch that I was using on the face of the woman. The stitch is quite boxy and square creating lines around each stitch that meant not all the canvas was covered.

We tried adding additional tent stitches and running a bar of thread underneath the stitches, but neither worked, leaving me with two choices; leave in the stitch and in my notes to the accessors, explain the problem (and lose marks), or take out the stitch. I didn’t have the heart to take it out on the day and instead chose to complete more of the background so at least it looked like I had made some progress.

DSC_0646 (2)

Happy stitching everyone!

About wybrow1966

My name is Deborah, and my earliest recollection of being creative is learning how to smock at primary school. We had a wonderful, white-haired lady who came in once a week to teach the 'girls' how to sew. I am not sure what the boys got up to during this time - but I never once felt as though I was missing out on anything. Now, as a primary teacher, I often give up evenings to teach enthusiastic children how to embroider. I am now just about to embarked into the world of blogging. Who knows if anyone will be interested, or if I can even keep it up. But here goes....
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6 Responses to Facing up to it!

  1. craftycreeky says:

    This is why I couldn’t do the RSN course, I haven’t the patience or the exactitude! Hats off to those of you who do, it will look beautiful, it looks beautifull now!! I love the colours you’re working with and all the different stitches.

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to pick up what is wrong and how to right it – that’s why the tutors are so valuable. Although I must admit I’m not at all sure how well I would take some of their comments… I’m sure you’ll be happier with it when you’ve made the changes.

  3. kathyreeves says:

    Well, the horse’s eye is amazing! On the face, I’ll have to trust that you can see the gaps!

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