SAL 2 – Adding the padding..

I have made a little progress on my ‘Christmas Baubles’ kit by Kate Barlow, and as it is  goldwork embroidery, padding is everything. Felt is used as padding and the kit came with pre-marked felt that simply needed to be cut out and applied to each bauble.

I started with the largest bauble which needed 4 layers of padding…..

The second bauble needed three layers of padding…..

While the final bauble simply needed two layers….

And that is as much as I have managed to complete (simply because my mind wanders onto other projects). But at least now I can start on the fun part of adding colour and sparkle.

I am just starting my journey on this SAL, but if you want to see more experienced members – Please check out the fabulous stitching that they do. If you are interested in joining us you can contact Avis for details.

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Sewing hit…

Spent a wonderful couple of weeks in Cornwall and Devon catching up with family and friends. The weather was lovely and a good 10 degrees lower than at home so we could get out and about walking with the dog during the day.


I did take a little bit of hand sewing to work on, but by the end of the first week I was looking for a serious sewing hit! This meant a visit to a little shop just outside of Mylor Bridge called Coast and Country. They stock a lovely selection of materials and sundries and also run workshops – and I was in luck as there was 1 place left on a quilting workshop.


Now, I don’t really know much about quilting and so thought this might be a good opportunity to find out more. We were going to make a cushion with a pinwheel design on the front. The original looked like this…..

I hadn’t quite realised the significance of colour choice, so my cushion was much more muted in colour and the pinwheels less obvious. Our first job was to cut and sew 20 squares together in five rows and then add a border all around these. We then used a ‘twist and stitch’ ruler to cut out smaller squares from the main piece of fabric.

I then thought that we would twist the remaining fabric in some way (I can hear all you experienced quilters thinking, ‘what is she talking about!’) – but no, we ordered the smaller squares and discarded the remaining fabric. You can see the pin wheels beginning to form.


We now had five rows of five squares which were sewn back together and then a border was sewn around the outside again. I used the 16 small squares from the discarded fabric to make the little patchwork squares at the four corners of the cushion.


Wadding was hand quilted to the back of the cushion before adding a lining and a back. Here is the end result…


I am not convinced that I like it and you can tell that I am no quilter when you look at how inaccurately I have sewn each of the patchwork corners – but I did enjoy the process of learning something new. If I do make another cushion I would definitely think more carefully about the colours I use.

If you are in the area, look in on Coast and Country –  they have a fairly large choice of fabrics and their courses are reasonably priced and really worth checking out. After this little sewing hit I went back to walking along the beach with the dog!!

Happy stitching in the sunshine!

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SAL ….Hi everyone!

Hello everyone and thank you for letting me join in with the sew along. I have been watching some of your progress for quite a long time now and finally decided to take the plunge and join in. I have a few projects on the go at the moment and lots of unfinished and un-started kits stashed away, but often get distracted by daily life – so thought the SAL might focus my mind a little.

But what to choose? I thought at first that I would post progress on the Wren Etui project by Jenny Adin-Christie that I have been working on – but then thought I would like to start at the beginning and see something through to the end. So I got out my kits and found a lovely goldwork project by Kate Barlow that I had bought last year and intended to complete by Christmas – it didn’t happen – so maybe I can finish it by this Christmas.


This is what is inside the box….


Now I just need to get started….. See you all next time!

I am just starting my journey on this SAL, but if you want to see more experienced members –   Please check out the fabulous stitching that they do. If you are interested in joining us you can contact Avis for details.

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Happy stitching and I promise to read all posts when I am back at home!

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Sew right….

Although not my birthday for a few days yet, my present from ‘him indoors’ arrived today and I was allowed to take a peek. When he gets it right, he gets it really right. I have had my eye on this kit by Jenny Adin Christie for some time, after seeing it posted on IG. The needle case was inspired by the life and works of the late Miss Rachel Kay Shuttleworth who amassed the Gawthorpe textile collection which consists of more than 30,000 pieces of textiles and embroidery from around the world. You can read more about her life and about Jenny’s design process here . I just adored the colours and textures used to create the piece.


I am however, going to be very strict with myself though and will finish off the little Wren Etui kit before starting something new.

Meanwhile in the garden…… this continued heat means that the plants come into flower and are over very quickly. I would love the lilies to go on for longer as their scent is just wonderful in the warm, evening air.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for reading, happy stitching everyone…

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Sew sweet….

I recently found an image of these super cute little tote bags at Flutterby Patch ….


3bags_1       back of bags

Unfortunately there was no tutorial that you could follow – but I thought that these would make lovely presents for a couple of little girls in the family. So I decided to try and make my own version. I knew that I wanted to modify the bags slightly by having the house extend to the back of the tote and boxing off the bottom corners. But where to start?

Inspiration struck after a visit to Gail’s the bakery – their bags were almost the right size, especially if I folded over the top – so here is my design pattern (all in old money I am afraid as the only ruler I had to hand was in inches!).


I used the following supplies for the basic background of the house – both front and back:

  • Gingham check for roof – 2 x (11inches X 4.5 inches)
  • Linen for centre of the house – 2 x (11 inches X 5’5 inches)
  • Green material for bottom edge – 2 X (11 inches X 2.5 inches)
  • Fabric for handles – 2 X (16inches X 5 inches)
  • Lining material – 2 X (11 inches X 11 inches)
  • double sided interfacing
  • thicker interfacing for bag front and back – 2 x (11 inches X 11 inches)
  • A selection of scrap materials, ribbons and trims for appliqued items
  • A small bell
  • button


First I put double sided interfacing on the door (scrap of about 2.5in X 5in), turned under the edges and attached the bell.  These were sewn straight onto the linen. Then I joined the bottom fabric to the linen and pressed.

The window was next – for this I took a scrap of white linen, approximately 3.25 inches X 4.5 inches, and turned under all the edges. I then covered either end of the linen with scraps to form curtains. The little appliqued girl was the trickiest for me as I have never tried free motion applique (so lots of googling ensued!). After finding, or drawing an image, you trace round each individual element and cut those pieces out of the scraps that you have chosen.


These are then reassembled onto double sided fusible interfacing and ironed in place.


I then placed the image onto the window and free machine stitched around it several times. Her eyes and mouth were sewn afterwards by hand.


The window was then positioned onto the linen and sewn in place. Ricrac was then added along the top and bottom edges of the window.


The next step is to sew on the roof and the roof trim. I placed the pompom trim on the right side of the fabric square above. Then I lined up the roof with right sides together and stitched in place. The two pieces were then opened up and pressed. I added ricrac across the roof at this point – but forgot to take a photo!


I then repeated the whole process for the back of the bag – although by this stage I had run out of ricrac and pompoms – so the back of the bag is far simpler.


I decided on just the one window and put a little appliqued cat on the window sill and a scattering of flowers around the window.

The handles were made by folding each strip of material in half, then folding each side into the middle to make a sandwich – these were then sewn down along each edge. A heavy duty interfacing was then ironed onto both the front and back of the bag.


I marked the centre of each panel (about 5.5 inches in) and then placed the handles about half an inch either side of this.


The lining material was then placed over this, right side up and stitched in place. Then pressed open.


The process was repeated with the other half of the bag.


Once opened up and pressed you should have two pieces that look like this…


Place both pieces right sides together and pin or clip in place.


At each corner I cut away a 1 inch square of the fabric. I then sewed around the edges  – leaving the cut outs open and a gap at the lining end to turn the bag in the right way.

The corners were boxed off. I then topstitched around the top edge. And handstitched the hole in the lining together.


And here is the completed bag…

I just hope the girls like them. I was pleased – but for the second bag I think I will extend the ricrac and pompoms to the back of the bag and I will also make it an inch or so wider.

Sorry for the long ramble, Happy stitching everyone!


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Posing pouches….

As the temperature rises in the garden- so I retreat inside. But this does give me the opportunity to do a little sewing. This weekend I decided to reduce my fat quarter collection. I don’t know what happens to me when I walk into a fabric shop, but I can never resist the fat quarter boxes. The fabric then sits in a pile at the bottom of the wardrobe – but no longer! I have set to and made several ‘wee braw bags’ by Laura Zuckerkuss – they are just so quick and easy. Look away now if your birthday is coming up soon, or you are expecting something hand made at Christmas!! All I need now is to find a suitable cord for each bag.

My favourite combo was the Tula pink fabric…

My Christmas combo…

And I know someone who just loves a sloth… inside and out…

I also managed to finish my ‘end of term’ gift pouch….. and I am quite pleased with the result..


Last but not least…I started a new project, making a bag to hold all my goldwork bits and bobs. This was almost finished but just at the last minute I realised that I didn’t have any open ended zips which I need for the cover – so it will have to wait until next weekend!


Quite a productive weekend all in all… maybe next weekend I will be as productive with my canvas work!!!

Happy stitching everyone…

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Little things….

I have made some progress on the last of my ‘end of term gift pouches’ which I need to finish this weekend. I decided (rather stupidly), that I wanted to add embroidery to this pouch to make it a little special – but had not anticipated just how long it would take me to complete. You would have thought that I’d have realised by now that everything takes longer than you originally think. Although some areas do look a little rushed, I am still reasonably pleased with the overall effect. Also managed to pop down to my local sewing shop and found a lovely candy stripe cotton for the pouch lining.

Unfortunately I did not escape lightly from the shop……….just can’t resist the fat quarter basket, especially when it is full of Tula Pink!


Happy stitching!

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